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University of Udine, Mycology Department
ISSN: 0732-0574
Vol. 1, No. 2, 1990, pp. 48-62
Bioline Code: ac90008
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Actinomycetes, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1990, pp. 48-62

 en Abstracts from IV European Actinomycetes Group Meeting on Isolation and Identification Methods for Actinomycetes Gemona, Italy, April 20th-22nd, 1990


Selective Isolation and Characterisation of Members of the Family Streptosporangiaceae Agrawal, P. and M. Goodfellow Specific Serodiagnosis of Nocardia Infection Boiron P. The Use of Ribosomal Rna Sequences for the Identification of Members of the Family Pseudonocardiaceae Bowen,T., S.Warwick, J.Challans and M.Embley Isolation and Characterisation of Streptomycetes Implicated in Common Scab of Potatoes Bramwell, P.A. and E.M.H.Wellington Development of Regimes for Efficient Recovery of Saccharomonospora viridis Released Into A Contained Compost System Brooks, R.C., T.R. Fermor* and A.J. McCarthy Problems in the Isolation and Identification of Streptoverticillia Cardinali, S., G.Firrao and R.Locci The Effects of Genetic Manipulation on the Phenetic Identification of Streptomyces Species. Clarke, S.D., S.T.Williams and DA.Ritchie A Student-friendly Method for Isolating Actinomycetes From Soil Which Employs Agrochemical Fungicides Cross, T., G.Alderson and A.Hicks Spore-dome Actinomycetes Are Strains of the Genus Kineosporia for Which We Now Suggest A Novel Method of Spore Formation Cross, T., Gjlderson and M.Eke Competition Between Streptomycetes in Soil Eccleston, J.D., S.T.Williams* and A.M.Mortimer A New Method for the Extraction of Streptomycete Spores From Soil. Herron, P.R. and E.M.H.Wellington The Abundance and Diversity of Micromonospora in Soil and Sediments. Hodges, J.A. and E.M.H.Wellington Development of Nonantibiotic Resistance Marker Genes for Streptomyces Kochte-Clemens, B., Ujtauland and J.Cullum Use of Polyvalent Streptophage for the Selective Isolation of Non-streptomycete Actinomycetes From Soil Kurtboke, D.I. and S.T.Williams Use of Actinophage for Selective Isolation Purposes Current Problems Kurtboke, D.I. and S.T.Williams Identification of Strains Intermediate Between Rhodococcus and Corynebacterium Meyer, J. The Use of 16s rRNA Oligonucleotide Probes for the Detection of Streptomycetes in Soil. Mullins,P, D.Hahn, E.M.H.Wellington, A-Akkermans and H. Gurtler Selective Isolation of Some Major Species Groups of Nocardia. Rhodococcus and Amycolate, Wall Chemotype Vv (a-wciv) Actinomycete Groups: A Taxonomic Approach. Parekh, N.R., S.T.Williams and J.C.Vickers* Isolation and Identification Of Cellulose- and Lignin Degrading Actinomycetes From the Gut of Higher Termites (Termitidae) Pasti, M-B, M-Basagia, G-Concheri, S.Cardinali, D.L.Crawford and M.P.Nuti New Approaches to the Identification of Streptomycetes Which Produce Novel Bioactive Compounds Phillips, L., E-M.H.Wellington and S.Rees* Selected Problems and Approaches to Actinomycete Taxonomy Prauser, H. Selective Isolation of Thermoactinomycetes in the Absence of Antibiotics Priest, F.G. and E.F.McPherson* The Effect of Agitation Rate on Pellet Growth of Streptomycetes Prosser, J.I. and A.J.Tough, Isolation and Characterisation of Alkalophilic Actinomycetes Saddler, G.S. and M-Goodfellow* Identification of Streptomycetes From Grapevine Carposphere Vercesi, A., E.Volpi and R.Locci* The Development of Identification Methods for Actinomycetes Based Upon the Polymerase Chain Reaction Warwick, S., J. Challans, T.Bowen and M.Embley Immunoblot Analysis of Biotin-containing Proteins in Nocardia Ssp. And Rhodococcus Ssp. Well, H.-P. and K.P.Schaal New Methods for the Detection and Recovery of Streptomycetes in Soil. Wellington, E.M.H, D.McDowell, N. Cresswell, P.R.Herron P.W.Baker, A.Wipat* and V.A.Sunders* Application of High Performance Liquid Chromatography for Determination of DAP (Diaminopimelic Acid) in Cell Walls of Actinomycetes Wolstrup, J. and N.O.G-Jorgensen,

© Copyright 1990 C.E.T.A., The International Centre for Theoretical and Applied Ecology, Gorizia

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