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Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology
ISSN: 0795-8080
Vol. 20, No. 1, 2008, pp. 23-27
Bioline Code: bk08004
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Biokemistri, Vol. 20, No. 1, 2008, pp. 23-27

 en Tolerance and Antiplasmodial Screening of Ritchea longipedicellata check for this species in other resources in Plasmodium berghei check for this species in other resources
Ogbunugafor, Henrietta A.; Okochi, Veronica I.; Okpuzor, Joy & Emeka, Promise


The tolerance and antiplasmodial activity of methanolic root extract of R. longipedicellata in P. berghei infected mice was investigated. Extract was administered to mice at 1500mg/kg for 30days and liver and kidney parameters were analysed. Mice were infected with P. berghei and administered the extract and reference drugs 2hrs and 5days post-infection for suppressive and therapeutic activities respectively. At 1500mg/kg dose, R. longipedicellata extractexhibited a significant decrease (p ≤0.05) in ALP, GOT, GPT and Creatinine. Bilirubin showed no significant change while PCV was increased (p ≤0.05). Inhibition in suppressive activity at 50 and 100mg/kg doses of the extracts were 86.8% and 65.43% while artesunate (120mg/kg) and chloroquine (8mg/kg) were 100%. Clearance rate in therapeutic activity for 50 and 100mg/kg dose of R. longipedicellata extract were 36.73% and 64.60%, lower than chloroquine (80.85%) and artesunate (100%). Longest survival period was observed in 50mg/kg suppressive group than all the groups treated with R. longipedicellata methanolic root extract. This study suggests that the methanolic root extract of R. longipedicellata is well tolerated and possesses antiplasmodial activity in mice infected with P.berghei.

Ritchea longipedicellata, plasmodium berghei, tolerance, suppressive, therapeutic

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