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Electronic Journal of Biotechnology
Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
ISSN: 0717-3458
Vol. 16, No. 4, 2014
Bioline Code: ej13033
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 16, No. 4, 2014

 en 3-D modeling and molecular dynamics simulation of interleukin-22 from the So-iny mullet, Liza haematocheila check for this species in other resources
Qi, Zhitao; Shi, Rongwei; Li, Suyang; Zang, Xiayan & Wang, Zisheng


Background: Interleukin-22 (IL-22) plays an important role in the regulation of immune responses. However, little is known about its function or structure in fish.
Results: The IL-22 gene was first cloned from So-iny mullet ( Liza haematocheila check for this species in other resources ), one of commercially important fish species in China. Then, 3-D structure model of the mullet IL-22 was constructed by comparative modeling method using human IL-22 (1M4R) as template, and a 5 ns molecular dynamics (MD) was studied. The open reading frame (ORF) of mullet IL-22 cDNA was 555 bp, encoding 184 amino acids. The mullet IL-22 shared higher identities with the other fish IL-22 homologs and possessed a conserved IL-10 signature motif at its C-terminal. The mullet IL-22 model possessed six conserved helix structure. PROCHECK, SAVES and Molprobity server analysis confirmed that this model threaded well with human IL-22. Strikingly, analysis with CastP, cons-PPISP server suggested that the cysteines in mullet IL-22 might not be involved in the forming of disulfide bond for structural stabilization, but related to protein-protein interactions.
Conclusions: The structure of IL-22 in So-iny mullet (Liza haematocheila) was constructed using comparative modeling method which provide more information for studying the function of fish IL-22.

comparative modeling; Interleukin-22; Liza haematocheila; molecular dynamics

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