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African Health Sciences
Makerere University Medical School
ISSN: 1680-6905
EISSN: 1680-6905
Vol. 16, No. 4, 2016, pp. 1056-1066
Bioline Code: hs16137
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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African Health Sciences, Vol. 16, No. 4, 2016, pp. 1056-1066

 en Effects of vasodilator and esmolol-induced hemodynamic stability on early post-operative cognitive dysfunction in elderly patients: a randomized trial.
Sun, Sheng-Hui; Yang, Lin; Sun, De-Feng; Wu, Yue; Han, Jun; Liu, Ruo-Chuan & Wang, Li-Jie


Objective: To investigate the effect of continuous intravenous injection of nicardipine and/or nitroglycerin with or without esmolol on the occurrence of early post-operative cognitive dysfunction (POCD) in elderly patients.
Methods: Elderly patients (n=340) who underwent radiofrequency ablation for atrial fibrillation were randomized into five groups: A, nicardipine; B nicardipine+esmolol; C, (nitroglycerin) group; D nitroglycerin+esmolol; E (control) groups. The hemodynamic parameters were recorded, and Mini Mental State Examination was used to assess cognitive function.
Results: At 30 min and 60 minutes after anesthesia and at the conclusion of surgery, the rate pressure product value was significantly lower in Groups B (10621.1±321.7, 10544.2±321.8, and 10701.3±325.5, respectively) and D (10807.4±351.1, 10784.3±360.3, and 10771.7±345.7, respectively) than in Group E (13217.1±377.6, 13203.5±357.3, and 13119.2±379.5, respectively). The heart rate was significantly higher in Groups A (104.1±10.3, 104.9±11.1, and 103.9±11.8, respectively) and C (103.7±11.3, 105.5±10.5, and 107.7±11.7, respectively) than in Group E (89.3±12.0, 88.5±11.5, and 85.5±11.6, respectively). The incidence of POCD was significantly lower in Groups A and B than in Groups C, D, and E. Univariate regression analysis showed that regimens in Groups A, B, and E and doses of propofol and fentanyl were risk factors for POCD. Multivariate logistic regression analysis revealed significant associations between the incidence of POCD and interventions in Groups A and B.
Conclusion: Maintenance of stable intraoperative hemodynamics using nicardipine and nitroglycerin or their combinations with esmolol, especially nicardipine with esmolol, reduced the incidence of POCD in the elderly with potential cardiovascular diseases.

Nicardipine; esmolol; nitroglycerin; hemodynamics; post-operative cognitive dysfunction

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