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Indian Journal of Surgery
Medknow Publications on behalf of Association of Surgeons of India
ISSN: 0972-2068
Vol. 65, No. 5, 2003, pp. 427-429
Bioline Code: is03085
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Indian Journal of Surgery, Vol. 65, No. 5, 2003, pp. 427-429

 en Radiofrequency surgery in pilonidal sinus
Pravin J. Gupta


Background: With the uncertainty about the aetiology and the complexities encountered in treatment, pilonidal disease has been considered as a tricky pathology. While many varieties of approaches ranging from conservative treatment to an extensive surgical excision are in vogue, a method of laying open of pilonidal sinus is still considered the most favoured one.
Material and Methods: A modification of the conventional technique of laying open the pilonidal sinus using a radiofrequency device has been described. Eight patients of chronic pilonidal sinus were operated using this technique.
Results: The hospital stay was less than 24 hours. Patients were able to resume their routine within a week of the procedure. The average time taken for complete wound healing was 67 days. Delayed wound healing was noticed in one patient. A follow-up of 12 to 15 months did not show recurrence in any of the patients.
Conclusion: The ideal treatment of pilonidal disease aims at reducing hospital stay, minimizing tissue assault by avoiding unduly extensive procedures and the resultant complications, early resumption of work by the patient, and preventing recurrence. In this small series of patients, the laying open technique of pilonidal sinus using a radiofrequency device has shown encouraging results fulfilling most of the above criteria and this method merits further investigation.

Pilonidal sinus, Laying open, Radiofrequency surgery, Recurrence

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