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African Journal of Biomedical Research
Ibadan Biomedical Communications Group
ISSN: 1119-5096
Vol. 15, No. 3, 2012, pp. 197-200
Bioline Code: md12032
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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African Journal of Biomedical Research, Vol. 15, No. 3, 2012, pp. 197-200

 en Radiological Assessment of Orbital Dimensions of the Kalabaris and Ikwerres of Rivers State, Nigeria
Leko, B.J; Douglas, P; Ukoima, H.S & Madugba, C


The use of Craniofacial measurements for ethno-racial and sex discrimination in forensic studies has been a major focus in recent times. This study compares orbital dimensions and index for the Ikwerre and Kalabaris tribes of Rivers State, Nigeria. 300 radiographs of the human skull, 150 females (both tribes) and 150 males (both tribes), were randomly selected from the Radiology Department in both Hospitals. The orbital length, width and depth were measured and orbital Index was calculated. The data were statistically analysed for means, standard deviation (SD) and Z-test (significant at p≤0.05). The Ikwerre male mean orbital length, width, depth and mean orbital index values were; 44.06±0.497, 42.87±0.531, 38.80±0.368 and 103.33±1.44 respectively, while Ikwerre female mean orbital length, width, depth and mean orbital index were; 44.26±0.448, 42.37±0.571, 39.08±0.377 and 105.25±1.24 respectively. The Kalabari male mean orbital length, width, depth and Index were; 44.67±0.402, 41.14±0.356, 38.27±0.337,103.98±0.956 respectively while Females mean orbital length, width, depth and Index were;42.22±0.441,41.14±0.380,38.89±0.401 and 102.92±1.10 respectively. No Sexual dimorphism (p>0.05) was observed for all orbital dimensions measured. However, there was a statistically significant difference in means of orbital length (between the two tribes in both sexes) and width (between tribes only in males).The result for the orbital index put both tribes into the megaseme category. The values for orbital dimensions of these indigenous tribes may be useful to clinicians and forensic anthropologist.

Cranial measurements; Ikweres; Kalabaris; radiological assessment; orbital dimensions

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