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Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences
School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia
ISSN: 1394-195X
Vol. 26, No. 1, 2019, pp. 66-72
Bioline Code: mj19006
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, Vol. 26, No. 1, 2019, pp. 66-72

 en SEMA3B but Not CUL1 as Marker for Pre-Eclampsia Progression
Samara, Tjam Diana; Liem, Isabella Kurnia; Prijanti, Ani Retno & Andrijono


Background: An imbalance between pro- and anti-angiogenic factors contributes to impaired trophoblast invasion during pregnancy, leading to failure of uterine spiral artery remodeling, blood vessel ischemia, and pre-eclampsia (PE). Anti-angiogenic semaphorin 3B (SEMA3B) and pro-angiogenic cullin 1 (CUL1) are expressed in both the placenta and maternal blood. The present study investigated correlations between serum and placental SEMA3B as well as CUL1 levels in late-onset PE.
Methods: This cross-sectional study included 50 patients with late-onset (≥ 32 weeks gestation) PE. Maternal serum was obtained before delivery, and placentas were obtained immediately after delivery. SEMA3B and CUL1 levels were evaluated by ELISA. Results were statistically analysed by Spearman correlation test, with a P < 0.05 considered statistically significant.
Results: While elevated serum SEMA3B levels significantly correlated with increased placental SEMA3B levels in late-onset PE (R = 0.620, P = 0.000), alteration of serum CUL1 levels did not correlate with alteration of placental CUL1.
Conclusion: Alteration of circulating maternal SEMA3B, but not CUL1, levels can potentially be used to monitor PE progression during pregnancy.

semaphorin 3B; cullin 1; serum; placenta; pre-eclampsia

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