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Neurology India
Medknow Publications on behalf of the Neurological Society of India
ISSN: 0028-3886
EISSN: 0028-3886
Vol. 59, No. 4, 2011, pp. 579-585
Bioline Code: ni11174
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Neurology India, Vol. 59, No. 4, 2011, pp. 579-585

 en Combination of NEP 1-40 infusion and bone marrow-derived neurospheres transplantation inhibit glial scar formation and promote functional recovery after rat spinal cord injury
Zhilai, Zhou; Hui, Zhang; Yinhai, Chen; Zhong, Chen; Shaoxiong, Min; Bo, Yu & Anmin, Jin


Background and Aims: Studies have shown that administration of NEP1-40, a Nogo-66 receptor antagonist peptide, improves locomotor recovery in rats. We hypothesize that combining NEP1-40 with another promising therapy, neural stem cell transplantation, might further improve the degree of locomotor recovery. In the present study, we examined whether NEP1-40 combined with bone marrow stromal cells-derived neurospheres (BMSC-NSs) transplantation would produce synergistic effects on recovery.
Material and Methods: Adult Sprague-Dawley rats were subjected to spinal cord injury (SCI) at the T10 vertebral level. Immediately after injury, rats were administrated NEP1-40 intrathecally for 4 weeks. BrdU-labeled BMSC-NSs (2×105 ) were transplanted into the injured site 7 days after SCI. Locomotor recovery was assessed for 10 weeks with BBB scoring. Animals were perfused transcardially 10 weeks after contusion, and histological examinations were performed.
Results: The combined therapy group showed statistically better locomotor recovery than the control group at 7 weeks of contusion. Neither of the two single-agent treatments improved locomotor function. The average area of the cystic cavity was significantly smaller in the combined therapy group than in the control group. Fluorescence microscopic analysis showed that NEP1-40 dramatically inhibited the formation of glial scar and promoted the axons penetration into the scar barrier.
Conclusion: This study revealed that BMSC-NSs and NEP 1-40 exhibit synergistic effects on recovery in rat SCI. This may represent a potential new strategy for the treatment of SCI.

Bone marrow stromal cell, NEP1-40, neurosphere, Nogo-A, spinal cord injury

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