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Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences
Physiological Society of Nigeria
ISSN: 0794-859X
Vol. 25, No. 1, 2010, pp. 81-86
Bioline Code: np10014
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences, Vol. 25, No. 1, 2010, pp. 81-86

 en Effects of Oral Administration of Nicotine on Organ Weight, Serum Testosterone Level and Testicular Histology in Adult Male Rats
Oyeyipo, I.P.; Raji, Y.; Emikpe, B.O. & Bolarinwa, A.F.


This study investigated the effects of oral administration of nicotine on body and reproductive organ weight, serum testosterone level and testicular histology in adult male rats. Forty male rats divided into five groups and treated for a period of 30 days with 0.5mg/kg (low dose) and 1.0mg/kg (high dose) body weight of nicotine while the control rats received 0.2 ml/kg normal saline. The fourth and fifth groups were gavaged with 0.5mg/kg and 1.0mg/kg body weight of nicotine but were left untreated for another 30 days. These groups served as the recovery groups. At the end of each experimental period, the animals were scarified and their reproductive organs were removed and weighed immediately. There was no significant change in the body weight. There was a significant decrease (p <0.05) in the testicular and epididymal weight of rats for both treatments while the decrease in the seminal vesicle weight for both treatment groups was not significant. The prostate weight was not significantly increased in both groups. The recovery groups showed appreciable recovery in their organ weight. Serum level of testosterone of both groups was significantly decreased in a dose dependent manner when compared with those of the control rats. The histological section showed testicular degeneration and disorganization in the cytoarchitecture, as the observed changes were pronounced in the high dose group than the low dose group. However, there were both regeneration of the germinal epithelium and restructuring of the interstitum towards normal in the recovery groups. No lesion was observed in the epididymis of the rats. The results suggest that nicotine has deleterious effect on the male reproductive organ of albino rats ameliorated by nicotine cessation.

Nicotine, testosterone, reproductive organ, rat

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