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African Journal of Neurological Sciences
Pan African Association of Neurological Sciences
ISSN: 1015-8618
Vol. 14, No. 2, 1995
Bioline Code: ns95007
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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African Journal of Neurological Sciences, Vol. 14, No. 2, 1995

 en Acute subdural haematoma of arterial origin: a case of successful surgical treatment.


The African Journal of Neurological Sciences
Vol 14 No.2, 1995

Acute subdural haematoma of arterial origin: a case of successful
surgical treatment.

A. Adeloye, N. Kuoka

Code Number: NS95007
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A Kuwaiti woman of 47 years came to hospital after being involved in a
road traffic accident fully conscious but complaining of headache. She had
no obvious head injury. Clinically there was no neurological deficits,
skull radiography was normal and hence was discharged home after a period
of observation. Twenty four hours later she was admitted to hospital with
impaired consciousness, dilated right pupil and right spastic hemiparesis.
CT scan of the brain showed right fronto-parietotemporal mass with shift of
the brain to the opposite side. At emergency craniotomy extensive subdural
haematoma was found and evacuated and a bleeding cortical artery in the
sylvian fissure coagulated. She made a rapid, uneventful recovery after
craniotomy, and she remained neurologically normal during follow-up.


Une femme Koweitienne de 47 ans a ete hospitalisee apres un accident de
la voie publique. Elle n'a pas eu de perte de canescence mais se plaignait
de cephalees. Elle ne presentait pas de blessure evidente a la tete.
Cliniquiment, il n'y avait pas de deficit neurologique. La radio du crane
etait normale, elle rentra donc chez elle apres une periode d'observation;
24 beures apres, elle etait hospitalisee avec une dimunution de la
conscience, une mydriase droite et une hemiparesie droite spastique. Le
scanner cerebral a montre une masse fronto-parietotemporale droite avec
deplacement du cerveau du cote oppose. Une trepanation faite en urgence a
permis d'evacuer un hematome sous-dural etendu et de coaguler une artere
corticale sylvienne qui saignait. Le retablissement de la patiente a ete
rapide apres la trepanation, et l'examen neurologique normal pendant toute
la duree du suivi.

Key Words: Subdural haematoma - Arterial origin

Copyright 1995 Pan African Association of Neurological Sciences


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