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Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Fiocruz
ISSN: 1678-8060
EISSN: 1678-8060
Vol. 104, No. 7, 2009, pp. 964-969
Bioline Code: oc09201
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Vol. 104, No. 7, 2009, pp. 964-969

 en Absonifibula estuarina check for this species in other resources sp. n. (Monogenea: Diclidophoridae) parasite of juvenile Cynoscion guatucupa (Osteichthyes) from southwestern Atlantic Ocean
Santos, Cláudia Portes & Timi, Juan Tomás


Absonifibula estuarina check for this species in other resources (Diclidophoridae, Absonifibulinae), is described from the gills of juvenile striped weakfish, Cynoscion guatucupa (Cuvier), from the southwestern Atlantic, Argentinean coast. This marine fish migrates to estuarine areas to spawn where exclusively juveniles are found parasitized; adult fish in marine water were never found to be parasitized by this monogenean. A. estuarina sp. n. is characterized mainly by the pedunculate clamps dissimilar in size, the shape of anterior jaw with sclerite 'a' attached to a sub-trapezoidal lamellate extension and fused to sclerites 'c' and 'd'. It differs from Absonifibula bychowskyi Lawler & Overstreet, 1976, the only known species of the genus, in the shape and arrangement of the genital corona, which is armed with six similar hooks disposed in circle and the sub-trapezoidal shape of lamellate extension ('b'). The restriction to juvenile sciaenids is a shared feature among the Absonifibulinae indicating an estuary-dependent life cycle.

Absonifibula estuarina sp. n. - Monogenea - Cynoscion guatucupa - Argentina - estuaries

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