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Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
Pharmacotherapy Group, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria
ISSN: 1596-5996
EISSN: 1596-5996
Vol. 7, No. 3, 2008, pp. 1033-1041
Bioline Code: pr08024
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Vol. 7, No. 3, 2008, pp. 1033-1041

 en Preparation and Characterization of Nitrendipineloaded Eudragit RL 100 Microspheres Prepared by an Emulsion-Solvent Evaporation Method
Basu, S.K. & Adhiyaman, R.


Purpose: The aim of the work was to prepare nitrendipne-loaded Eudragit RL 100 microspheres to achieve sustained release nitrendipine.
Method: Nitrendipne-loaded Eudragit RL 100 microspheres were prepared by an emulsion-solvent evaporation method using ethanol/liquid paraffin system. The resultant microspheres were evaluated for average particle size, drug loading, in vitro drug release and release kinetics. FTIR spectrometry, scanning electron microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry and x-ray powder diffractometry were used to investigate the physical state of the drug in the microspheres.
Result: The mean particle size of the microspheres was influenced by varying drug:polymer ratio and emulsifier concentration while drug loading was dependent on drug:polymer ratio. The results of FTIR spectrometry, differential scanning calorimetry and x-ray diffractometry indicated the stable character of nitrendipne in drug-loaded microspheres and also revealed absence of drug-polymer interaction. The drug release profiles of the microspheres at pH 1.2 showed poor drug release characteristics while at pH 6.8, drug release was extended over a period of 8 h; release was influenced by polymer concentration and particle size. Drug release followed the Higuchi model.
Conclusion: The nitrendipine-loaded Eudragit RL 100 microspheres prepared under optimized conditions showed a good sustained release characteristics and were stable under the conditions studied.

Nitrendipine, Eudragit RL 100, Microspheres, Physicochemical characterization, Sustained release.

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