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Rwanda Medical Journal
Rwanda Health Communication Center - Rwanda Biomedical Center (RHCC - RBC)
ISSN: 2079-097X
EISSN: 2079-097X
Vol. 75, No. 4, 2018, pp. 1-7
Bioline Code: rw18017
Full paper language: English
Document type: Report
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Rwanda Medical Journal, Vol. 75, No. 4, 2018, pp. 1-7

 en Critical appraisals and cultural acceptance of the dead donor rule: A revisit of the contemporary transplantation era
Byiringiro, F.; Muneza, S.; Page, C.; Ramirez, A. G.; Mushumba, H.; Pueschel, K.; Banguti, P. & Abahuje, E.


Transplantation remains one of the most rapidly expanding surgical specialties. Harvesting organs plays a crucial step in this highly complex surgical and communication process, and the moment at which vital organs can be donated depends on the declaration of end-of-life. This declaration must be performed by medical practitioners on the basis of clear standardized criteria of death confirmation, within competent local and regional jurisdictions, and with the use of confirmatory tests as indicated to ascertain the irreversibility of end-of-life.

The current medically and legally accepted definition of death in most societies challenges the traditional and societal understandings of the process of end-of-life. Significant criticisms and cultural oppositions to transplantation still exist, and there is an ongoing debate about the role and the status of transplantation as surgical and medical sciences continue to evolve.

By discussing the social acceptance and common understanding of end-of-life determination, we aim to highlight the current knowledge on transplant ethics with respect to the balance between the need to protect the potential organ donor and the need to donate organs at their utmost viability. No report has been done on social acceptance of transplantation in Rwanda or other Low- and Middle-Income countries (LMIC); though, as emphasis on organ transplantation evolves, we also aim to highlight the need for clear directions towards new transplantation regulations. Technical and non-technical critical arguments and moral acceptance are juxtaposed with the elucidated ethical and deontological principles to support the contemporary concept of the dead donor rule.

Transplantation; Critical appraisal; Cultural acceptance; Brain death; Dead donor rule

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