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Iranian Journal of Environmental Health, Science and Engineering
Iranian Association of Environmental Health (IAEH)
ISSN: p-ISSN: 1735-1979
Vol. 6, No. 4, 2009, pp. 233-240
Bioline Code: se09034
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Iranian Journal of Environmental Health, Science and Engineering, Vol. 6, No. 4, 2009, pp. 233-240

 en Reduction Of Humic Substances In Water By Application Of Ultrasound Waves And Ultraviolet Irradiation
Mahvi, A. H.; Maleki, A.; Rezaee, R. & Safari, M.


Humic substances mainly humic acids constitute the major fraction of natural organic matter in water supplies. They play an important role in the formation of harmful disinfection by products. Degradation of humic acids by means of ultraviolet radiation and ultrasonic irradiation processes was investigated in a laboratory-scale batch photoreactor equipped with an 300 W immersed-type medium-pressure mercury vapour lamp and sonoreactor with low frequency (42 kHz) plate type transducer at 170 W of acoustic power with emphasis on the effect of various parameters on degradation efficiency. Experiments were performed at humic acids initial concentrations varying between 2.5-10 mg/L. Oxidation of humic substances has been followed over time by measuring total organic carbon and UV absorbance in 254 nm and 436 nm. Initial results indicated a strong capacity of photolysis for degradation of humic substances. The results also showed that ultrasonic alone cannot be an efficient method for degradation of humic substances in comparison with UV process. The maximum degradation efficiency of humic substances after 90 min of irradiation, however, was only 5.7% and reached a maximum value of 9.5% after 300 min of irradiation. It was found that total organic carbon can be removed effectively by photolysis. It was also found that lower concentrations of humic substances favor the humic substances degradation. Also, the experimental results indicated that the kinetics of ultrasono-oxidation and photo-oxidation processes fit well by pseudo-first order kinetics.

Humic acids, Ultraviolet radiation, Ultrasonic irradiation

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