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International Journal of Environment Science and Technology
Center for Environment and Energy Research and Studies (CEERS)
ISSN: 1735-1472
EISSN: 1735-2630
Vol. 6, No. 1, 2009, pp. 141-148
Bioline Code: st09014
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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International Journal of Environment Science and Technology, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2009, pp. 141-148

 en Gaseous phase benzene decomposition by non-thermal plasma coupled with nano titania catalyst
Zhu, T.; Li, J.; Jin, Y. Q.; Liang, Y. H. & Ma, G. D.


Synergistic effect of atmospheric non-thermal plasma generated by dielectric barrier discharge and nano titania photocatalyst for benzene decomposition was tested. The paper indicated the effect of photocatalyst on removal efficiency of benzene, the compare of photocatalyst characteristic in different high temperatures by heat treatment, analysis of by-products. The results showed that the effect of degradation was visible by added photocatalyst in the plasma reactor. When concentration of benzene was 600 mg/m3 and electric field strength was 10 kV/cm, the removal efficiency of benzene was increased up to 81 % without photocatalyst. At the same condition, the removal efficiency was increased to 15 % higher with photocatalyst. Nano titania crystal was anatase crystal in 450°C heat treatment which is best for benzene removal. The plasma reactor packed with photocatalyst shows a better selectivity of carbon dioxide than that without photocatalyst. By-products are mostly carbon dioxide, water and a small quantity of carbon monoxide.

Dielectic barrier discharge, removal efficiency, anatase, carbon dioxide

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