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Zoological Research
Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
ISSN: 2095-8137
Vol. 38, No. 5, 2017, pp. 243-250
Bioline Code: zr17034
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Zoological Research, Vol. 38, No. 5, 2017, pp. 243-250

 zh 泰国北部发现两栖类新种-北碧陆蛙Fejervarya muangkanensis
Suwannapoom, Chatmongkon; Yuan, Zhi-Yong; Jiang, Ke; Yan, Fang; Gao, Wei & Che, Jing

本文基于形态和分子数据,将采集于泰国北碧府Kanchanaburi省Thong Pha Phum区Ban Tha Khanun的陆蛙属标本命名为新种-北碧陆蛙Fejervarya muangkanensis sp.nov.。形态上,新物种的以下主要特征可以明显与其它已知物种区分开来:(1)体型小(成年雄性头体长(SVL)33.5毫米,雌性头体长40.0-40.9毫米);(2)鼓膜小,可识别,但不清楚;(3)趾间蹼极不发达;(4)成体无侧线;(5)雌性具"Fejervaryan"线;(6)无股腺体。基于线粒体16S rRNA片段的系统发育分析进一步表明了其与其它相近物种的不同,具有独立的遗传谱系,遗传距离达到8.8%。

陆蛙属; 北碧陆蛙; 北碧府; 泰国

 en A new species of rain-pool frog (Dicroglossidae: Fejervarya check for this species in other resources ) from western Thailand
Suwannapoom, Chatmongkon; Yuan, Zhi-Yong; Jiang, Ke; Yan, Fang; Gao, Wei & Che, Jing


We describe a new species, Fejervarya muangkanensis sp. nov., based on a series of specimens collected from Ban Tha Khanun, Thong Pha Phum District, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. The new species is easily distinguished from its congeners by morphological and molecular data, and can be diagnosed by the following characters: (1) small size (adult male snout-vent length (SVL) 33.5 mm; female SVL 40.0-40.9 mm); (2) tympanum small, discernible but unclear; (3) poorly developed toe webbing; (4) no lateral line system in adults; (5) characteristic "Fejervaryan" lines present in females; and (6) femoral glands absent. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial 16S rRNA further supports it as a distinct lineage and distinguishes it from its congeners for which sequences are available.

Fejervarya muangkanensis sp. nov; Kanchanaburi; Thailand

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