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Australasian Biotechnology (backfiles)
ISSN: 1036-7128
Vol. 10, Num. 2, 2000, pp. 32-33
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Australasian Biotechnology, Vol. 10 No. 2, 2000, pp. 34-35


Code Number: au00025

Biomedical, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Innovation: Australia’s opportunities

“Biomedical, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Innovation: Australia’s opportunities” provides an overview of some of Australia’s leading-edge activities within the biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Consisting of compelling case studies and research descriptions, this publication takes a close look at where Australian research differentiates on an international platform and provides information on investment, licensing and partnering opportunities. It markets the core strengths prevalent in Australian medical companies.

This is a 144-page, superbly produced, hard-cover book which includes well-researched articles and case studies written by authorities in the field of medical innovation and endorsed by a board of industry specialists. It marries the concept of a market overview with that of a directory.

Whether you are a research organization, government department, academic library or a company interested in investing in these sectors, then this book will provide you with:

  • information on the most up to date research and technology investment opportunities;
  • market overviews;
  • case studies;
  • Specific company market capabilities
  • a directory of 300 plus companies including medical research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical and medical organizations, investors and Federal and State Government departments.

Cost: $80 each plus $10 postage and handling (please add another $5 per book for postage and handling fees for each additional book purchased, eg. 2 copies =$175.) For multiple copies please contact the publisher.

Book Sales, Health Media Group, PO Box 1672 Double Bay NSW 1360 Tel: (02) 9369 5489; Fax: (02) 9369 2995.

Scitech Technology Directory 2000 Edition: A Comprehensive Guide to Technology and Industry Development Assistance in Australia

The Directory provides a comprehensive guide to all Federal and State Government technology, innovation and industry assistance programs. It includes tax incentives, industry R&D, trade and investment programs, communications and multimedia initiatives, and medical, energy, rural, environment and university research programs and grants.

The 364-page year 2000 edition has been extensively updated to include the numerous changes to Federal and State Government programs, departments and personnel which have occurred recently. It contains details of Commonwealth initiatives such as the Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) Scheme, the Innovation Investment Fund (IIF) program, R&D START scheme, Technology Diffusion Program, and Invest Australia. Details are provided of major programs administered by the Australian Greenhouse Office and the Natural Heritage Trust, as well as international R&D programs and assistance measures for the pharmaceutical, information technology, automotive and textile industries. Changes taking place to higher education and medical research funding programs are fully documented. The Directory also includes comprehensive details of innovation and business support schemes run by each State and Territory Government. Other sections of the Directory cover venture and development capital companies, Government research and technology agencies and centres, trade and investment initiatives, technology parks, tertiary institute consulting companies, technology support organizations, industry research institutions and professional associations.

It is extensively indexed and each entry has full contact details including names, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses and websites.

Now in its fourteenth edition, it is edited by Ros Stirling, the editor of Australian R&D Review, and is an essential reference for business, industry, government and academia.

It is now available for only $180 (includes $5 for postage and packing). No GST is payable on pre-June 30 orders.

Further information: Hallmark Editions, PO Box 84, Hampton Vic 3188. Tel: (03) 9555 7377; Fax: (03) 9555 7599.

China Publications 2000: Chinese Biotechnology Directory 2000 (English Ed)

This third edition was updated to contain any developments in China’s biotech R&D, and industries, such as bioinformatics, proteomics, biochip, high-throughput screening, etc. It was also divided into three parts. The first part contains an overview on China’s Biotechnology, including government policy, science base, bioindustry, technology transfer, information resources, intellectual property and regulation environment. The second part lists all government agencies and societies involved in biotechnology. The third part lists over 1,000 research institutes, university departments, and companies, as well as foreign companies’ representative offices in China. It gives information on the organisation’s name, address, tel/telex/fax numbers, some email or web sites for the first time, activities and services offered. Appendices contain China’s laws and regulations related to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

2000, 268pp, US$199.00.

Pharmacopoeia of The People’s Republic of China - English Edition 1997

Compiled by the Pharmacopoeia Commission of the Ministry of Public Health, it is the latest edition, and a national code of standards for the quality of drugs. Compared with its preceding English edition (1992), it was expanded greatly, contains 920 traditional Chinese medicines with 142 new admissions; 1,455 chemicals, antibiotics, biochemicals, radiopharmaceuticals, biological products with 499 new admissions. Modern analytical techniques are adopted extensively for the tests of drugs. Information given includes the standards of purity, description, test, dosage, precaution, storage, and the strength for each drug.

1998, 2 Vols, hardcover US$698.00 ISBN: 7-5025-2062-7.

A Coloured Atlas of the Chinese Materia Medica Specified in Pharmacopoeia of the P.R. China (English-Chinese)

This atlas was revised and enlarged extensively in comparison with the 1990 edition. It contains 1506 coloured photographs of the Chinese materia medica specified in Chinese Pharmacopoeia 1995, including 606 photographs of original plants, 659 photographs of crude drugs, and 241 photographs of microscopical characters with an index. These photographs can really reflect the morphological and microscopical characters and habitats of the original plants (animals, minerals), and the macroscopical and microscopical characters (histological sections and surfaces) of the crude drugs. The atlas (1995) is one of the important series publications for carrying out Chinese Pharmacopoeia 1995.

1996, 519pp, hardcover, US$195.00, ISBN: 7-5359-1541-8.

Medicinal Plants of China CD-ROM (English Ed.)

Covers 262 medicinal plants in China with more than 800 pictures. It gives pictures on the original medicinal plants, specimens, and pharmacognosy specimens, and information on the distribution of plants, processing, properties, chemical components, pharmacological use, functions and treatments, and dosage. It is searchable by Latin names of plants, systematics, and other terms, etc.

1999, 3 CD-ROM, US$399.50.

An Introduction to Chinese Materia Medica (English Ed.)

It is divided into seven chapters. From the first to the fourth, the classical concepts of Chinese materia medica are described, in the last three chapters it discusses individual drugs, including traditional and herbal drugs, prescriptions and patent medicines and their applications and developments.

1999, hardcover US$79.95. Further information: Hans Consultants Inc Fax: +86 27 8787 8343; Email:;

Australian Venture Capital Guide 2000

The Australian Venture Capital Guide 2000 is a guide to 143 sources of private equity and related financing for growth companies and new-product development.

Published by Pollitecon Publications, publisher of the Australian Venture Capital Journal, the Guide is the most comprehensive of its type in Australia. Now in its seventh year of publication, the 2000 edition is the largest yet with 29 more sources of capital than the 1999 edition.

The 2000 edition contains: 114 suppliers of professional venture and development capital, 14 business introduction services, 6 suppliers of capital for product development projects, 11 New Zealand and 1 Papua New Guinea-based venture capital firms, and 9 suppliers of equity capital for unlisted infrastructure projects.

The 143 organisations in the Guide are specialists in supplying equity capital for seed, start-up, expansion, management buyout and buyin, or turnaround opportunities. Collectively, they have over $2.3 billion available to invest in venture capital, and another several billion dollars for infrastructure equity.

Further information: Pollitecon Publications, PO Box 324, Five Dock, NSW 2046 Tel: (02) 9713 7608. Paperback, 176 pages, A5 size, celloglazed cover, Price $50 inc postage, overseas airmail A$60, ISSN 1321 1404.

Copyright 2000 - Australasian Biotechnology

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