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African Health Sciences
Makerere University Medical School
ISSN: 1680-6905 EISSN: 1729-0503
Vol. 8, Num. 2, 2008, pp. 66

African Health Sciences, Vol. 8, No. 2, June, 2008, pp. 66


James K Tumwine

Editor in chief, African Health Sciences

Code Number: hs08016

Welcome to this bumper issue if African Health Sciences in which we bring you very interesting articles. These range from non-adherence to diabetes treatment1 to safety of switching from stavudine to zidovudine in patients with HIV

Wannang and colleagues2 from Nigeria describe anticonvulsant properties of a Nigerian plant solanum nigrum. More work will be needed to establish the safety and possible efficacy of the ingredients of this plant in humans. Ugandan researchers describe interesting features of cancer of the esophagus and establish that it was more common amongst male smokers3. Food for thought!

In line with African Healthy Sciences interest in environmental health issues, Jane Frances Akoachere found that the lagoon in Doula in Cameroon was heavily polluted with bacteria and may pose a threat to health and well being of users of the lagoon4. Dumba reports that factors associated with intestinal helminths in Luweero include methods of anal cleaning and keeping of pigs5. Yebe, a US based researcher concluded that feeling of HIV stigma may vary with social context and gender6, while Grace Irimu describes community understanding of pneumonia in Kenya7. Adewole and colleagues have written an interesting paper on correlates of snoring among adults in Nigeria. They found that it was associated with obesity, day time sleepiness and cigarette smoking8.

Mboera and colleagues in Tanzania describe mosquito net coverage among children at different altitudes in Iringa9. Esere on the other hand has an expose on sex education and at risk behaviour of school going adolescents in Ilorin Nigeria10, while Uganda doctors issue their second guidelines on breast cancer11. We end with a thought provoking case report by Barbara Castelnuovo12 asking a rhetorical question: Is it safe to switch from stavudine to zidovudine after developing symptomatic hyperlactemia?

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