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Indian Journal of Surgery
Medknow Publications on behalf of Association of Surgeons of India
ISSN: 0972-2068
Vol. 68, Num. 1, 2006, pp. 57-57

Indian Journal of Surgery, Vol. 68, No. 1, January-February, 2006, pp. 57

Letter To Editor

Guidelines for antibiotic use

Shree Dutta Hospital, Shimoga - 577 201
Correspondence Address:Shree Dutta Hospital, Shimoga - 577 201,

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I referred to the article, "Patterns of antimicrobial use by surgeons in India."[1] This is a nice article and I wish that more of such articles get published in IJS. It will help the surgeons to make amends and improve their practice. I would like to congratulate the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, T. N. Medical College, Mumbai for publishing this paper.

But by and large, the current practitioners′ practice is on the lines that their teachers and their institutions practice on. The latter in turn, refer to their western counterparts to know what antibiotics are used there!

I believe that the Indian population has not been exposed to the onslaught of antibiotics like the population of the western/ developed countries are. Studies referred to in this article are all from India, except two, from such countries. Simple antibiotics like Ampicillin, Tetracyclines and even Sulpha drugs are still useful in India. But every fresh graduate starts working with higher degree antibiotics, because his/her college taught him/her so. We have been following from far too long,what has been laid down by the developed countries. It is about time, our country develops its own policies, guidelines and protocols for our medical and surgical practice. We have so many academic institutions, many of them as good as that of developed countries. They have to take the initiative and give guidance to the practitioners at large. Otherwise, what a Professor of Surgery once told me, might still be valid. He had said that we must welcome the Medical representatives because they are the best source of information on newer drugs and antibiotics.

To make a start, could the author give us the antimicrobial use guidelines of the B. Y. L. Nair Charitable Hospital, please.


1. Kulkarni RA, Kochhar PH, Dargude VA, Rajadhyakshya SS, Thatte UM. Patterns of antimicrobial use by surgeons in India. Indian J Surg 2005;67:308-15  Back to cited text no. 1    [BIOLINE]

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