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Indian Journal of Human Genetics
Medknow Publications on behalf of Indian Society of Human Genetics
ISSN: 0971-6866
EISSN: 0971-6866
Vol. 12, No. 3, 2006, pp. 133-139
Bioline Code: hg06025
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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Indian Journal of Human Genetics, Vol. 12, No. 3, 2006, pp. 133-139

 en Brief Report-Chromosome 12;15 rearrangements in patients with recurrent miscarriage
Nair SB, Mukundan G, Paul BM, Ramachandran L, Gopinathan KK, Joseph Sajayan


Background: An abnormal karyotype in either partner, especially featuring a translocation and/or inversion is considered to be a cause of recurrent miscarriages. It is generally assumed that recurrent miscarriage might be due to recurrent chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus due to a balanced aberration in one of the parents being inherited by the offspring in an unbalanced form.
Aim: Evaluation of chromosomal rearrangements in couples with recurrent miscarriages.
Materials and Methods: Peripheral blood was collected and lymphocyte cultures were set up. Slides prepared from the cell suspension were stained and screened for metaphases followed by karyotyping.
Result: Balanced translocation was observed in the male partner in one case and in the female partners in the three other cases.
Conclusion: Couples with recurrent miscarriage should be investigated for chromosomal rearrangements, thus helping in genetic counseling and providing the options for future pregnancies.

Chromosomal rearrangements, cytogenetics, GTG banding, pregnancy loss, reciprocal translocation, recurrent miscarriage, robertsonian translocation

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