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African Health Sciences
Makerere University Medical School
ISSN: 1680-6905
EISSN: 1680-6905
Vol. 11, No. 4, 2011, pp. 607-609
Bioline Code: hs11120
Full paper language: English
Document type: Research Article
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African Health Sciences, Vol. 11, No. 4, 2011, pp. 607-609

 en Phenotype-Genotype analysis of dystrophinopathy caused by duplication mutation in duplication mutation in Dystrophin gene in an African patient
Peddareddygari, LR; Pillai, BH; Nochlin, D; Sharer, LR & Grewal, RP


Background: The dystrophinopathies, duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and Becker muscular dystrophy are common X-linked genetic myopathies resulting from mutations in the dystrophin gene. Duplication is an uncommon mechanism of mutation occurring in about 5% of DMD cases. The global prevalence of DMD is reported as 1/18,000 males. There is little clinical or epidemiological data on African patients.
Objective: To present the genotype-phenotype analysis of dystrophinopathy with an exon 8 through 9 duplication mutation in a patient of African/Ghanaian descent and his asymptomatic mother.
Methods: Investigations including a biopsy of the vastus lateralis muscle and genetic testing of the patient and his mother.
Results: Genetic testing demonstrated a duplication of exons 8 through 9 of the dystrophin gene in both the patient and his mother. The muscle biopsy of the patient showed partial expression of the dystrophin protein. In the absence of a family history of dystrophinopathy, we hypothesize that this is a sporadic mutation occurring in the grand maternal lineage.
Conclusion: This case extends the world wide epidemiology of this disease to include the African/Ghanaian population and confirms the vulnerability of the dystrophin gene to recurrent spontaneous mutations at the exon 8 and 9 site.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy, exon 8 and 9 duplication, genotype-phenotype analysis

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