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Zootecnia Tropical
Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Agrícolas Venezuela
ISSN: 0798-7269
Vol. 19, No. 3, 2001, pp. 443-453
Bioline Code: zt01025
Full paper language: Spanish
Document type: Research Article
Document available free of charge

Zootecnia Tropical, Vol. 19, No. 3, 2001, pp. 443-453

 es Efecto del uso de la glucosa en cerdas gestantes treinta días preparto sobre el peso de los lechones al nacer
Patricia Argenti, Armando Fuentes, José Palma y Alexis Rivas


Este experimento fue realizado con la finalidad de evaluar el uso de glucosa en dietas para cerdas gestantes, 30 días antes del parto y su efecto sobre el peso de los lechones al nacer. Se emplearon un total de 18 hembras gestantes a nivel de granja comercial, a las cuales se les suministraron 80 (T1), 160 (T2) y 0 (T3) g de glucosa/día, 30 días antes del parto. Se identificaron las hembras en gestación y los lechones igualmente por madre y tratamiento, y pesados individualmente al nacer y al destete. Los resultados obtenidos indican diferencias (P<0,01) entre tratamientos, donde los mayores pesos de lechones al nacer, se obtuvieron de madres bajo el T1: 1,80 kg, pero sin diferencias entre T2 y T3: 1,63 y 1,66 kg, respectivamente. Para los pesos al destete, se observó igual tendencia con los siguientes valores: 6,19 kg (T1); 5,40 (T2) y 5,26 (T3), sin diferencias significativas entre T2 y T3. Los resultados obtenidos permiten concluir que el uso de 80 g de glucosa bajo estas condiciones, permite incrementar el peso de los lechones al nacer.

Cerdas, gestación, glucosa, peso, lechones

 en Use of the glucose in bred sows thristy days before birth and their effect on the weight of pigs when being born
Patricia Argenti, Armando Fuentes, José Palma y Alexis Rivas


This experiment was carried out with the purpose of evaluate the use of glucose in diets for gilts, 30 days before the pigletbirth and its effect on the weight of the pigs when being born. They were used a total of 18 female gestantes in a commercial farm, which were given 80 (T1), 160 (T2) and 0 (T3) g of glucose/day, 30 days before the pigletsbirth. The females were identified equally in gestation and the piglets by mother and treatment, and heavy individually when being born and to the weaning. The obtained results indicate differences (P<0.01) between treatments, where the heaviest of pigs were obtained of mothers under the T1: 1.80 kg; without differences between T2 and T3: 1.63 and 1.66 kg, respectively. For the weight to the weaning, same tendency was observed with the following values: 6.19 kg (T1); 5.40 (T2) and 5.26 (T3), without significant differences between T2 and T3. The obtained results allow to conclude that the use of 80 g of glucose in these conditions, it allows to increase the weight from the pigs when born and of indirectly form, to weaning.

sows, gestation, glucose, weight, pigs

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